I am trying to do some automatic code-generation for my JSF pages. Along with this a problem with duplicate IDs showed up, which I do not understand.

The follwing code snippet

<h:form id="myForm" prependId="true" >
    <p:panelGrid id="myPanel1">
         <p:panelGrid id="grid" />
    <p:panelGrid id="myPanel2">
        <p:panelGrid id="grid" />

results in an "Duplicat ID error", which says that the ID myForm:grid has already been found on my page. What I expected were two different IDs with the pattern myForm:myPanel1:grid and myForm:myPanel2:grid

In the component tree it shows those "panelIDs"

+id: myForm
   type: javax.faces.component.html.HtmlForm@3720dee3
        +id: myPanel1
         type: org.primefaces.component.panelgrid.PanelGrid@4f09255b
          +id: grid  <===============
           type: org.primefaces.component.panelgrid.PanelGrid@6173a1e6
        +id: myPanel2
         type: org.primefaces.component.panelgrid.PanelGrid@6e8a3505
          +id: grid  <===============
           type: org.primefaces.component.panelgrid.PanelGrid@339f13f5

What is the problem here? And how can I make those "grid-IDs" unique?

I am using PrimeFaces 4.0 Mojarra 2.1.27 Running on GF

(However, the problem also occures when using just plan JSF, so I do not tag this as a special PrimeFaces-question)

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Only components that implement NamingContainer provide namespaces for descendant component identifiers.

It is possible for a control to be a container without performing this function. UIPanel instances generally only control layout and don't incur the overhead involved in this.

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