I've tried so many combinations in order to call animateAlongSideTransition in Swift for a transition coordinator. I feel like I'm missing something very stupid.

If I want to call this (from Swift docs):

func animateAlongsideTransition(_ animation: ((UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinatorContext!) -> Void)!,
                     completion completion: ((UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinatorContext!) -> Void)!) -> Bool

How would I do it? I just want to pass some things in the animation block and nothing in the completion block.


This is definitely what you want to do:

coordinator.animateAlongsideTransition({ context in
        // do whatever with your context
    }, completion: nil)

You can also omit the parameters if you use variables like $0 for the first implicit parameter and so

    }, completion: nil)

The in syntax surprises at first, but you have to learn it only once :)

  • The curly brackets defines the block inside the function
  • You use in to separate the parameters from the block body
  • But as I said above, you can omit the parameters by using $0, $1, $2 and so...

It seems that there's a more verbose syntax, but it definitely not fits the Swift spirit (and I'm too lazy to post it there)

Hope it helps (and I don't forget anything...)


Another pro tip is when the block is the only parameter, you can even omit the parentheses
(The next will not work, but it's to figure the idea)


You do it like this (at least in Swift 1.2):

transitionCoordinator.animateAlongsideTransition({context in //things to animate, for example: view.alpha = 0.5
}, completion: nil)

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