I wrote a tool for our department that generates a protocol from an Atlassian Datasource.
Because in some cases the tool didn't worked when started from the company's netdrive, a colleague wrote the following batch file to simply copy the relevant files locally, which lead to a working program for all.

mkdir C:\QuickProtocol\
mkdir C:\QuickProtocol\Templates\
mkdir C:\QuickProtocol\In\
mkdir C:\QuickProtocol\Out\
mkdir C:\QuickProtocol\Templates\Protokoll-Dateien\

XCOPY \\*NetDrivePath*\QuickProtocol.exe  C:\QuickProtocol\ /y 
XCOPY \\*NetDrivePath*\QuickProtocol.pdb  C:\QuickProtocol\ /d /y 
XCOPY \\*NetDrivePath*\Languages.xml      C:\QuickProtocol\ /d /y 
XCOPY \\*NetDrivePath*\PrimeCore.dll      C:\QuickProtocol\ /d /y 
XCOPY \\*NetDrivePath*\Templates          C:\QuickProtocol\Templates\ /d /y /s 

But now a colleague that changed departments, but has still access to the files on the netdrive, tried the batch file again.
Strangely in his case, as well as in the case of some other colleagues who reported to him, the batch file only copy's the Templates Folder and creates the directories named above.
What could be the reason for this?

  • its hot shared - the net drive path. or only templates is shared. try dir \*NetDrivePath*\ And xcopy is good to copy sub folders. if your copying one file like the first 3 just use copy. – tgkprog Jun 30 '14 at 7:43
  • Just a guess, could the topic of user rights on the netdrive have something to do with the problem? – lsteinme Jun 30 '14 at 8:10
  • Variables are in % not *. And you havn't set %NetDrivePath% anywhere. – Noodles Jun 30 '14 at 8:13
  • NetDrive is just a replacement for the real netdrivepath, in the original the Path is included, but the path is very long, and not interesting so I replaced it, sorry for the confusion – lsteinme Jun 30 '14 at 8:23
  • i dont 100%ly get what you mean with hot shared. The Netdrive it self is heavly used yes, the specific folder where the files are located, does not have a high number of accesses, i think – lsteinme Jun 30 '14 at 8:24

The reason for failure on copying of the files could be missing permissions to read the contents of the files.

The Microsoft article Permissions for files and folders explains in details the possible permissions on NTFS drives.

It is possible that users have only Traverse Folder/List Folder permissions which means they can view which subfolders and files are in a folder and browse also to subfolders. In other words the users have the permissions to list directory tree.

But if the users have not additionally the Read Data permission, they can't open a file for reading. In this case also copy and xcopy fail to copy the files as of no permission to read the data of a file.

It is possible that running the application directly from shared network folder failed because of same reason. The users have permissions to Traverse Folder/List Folder/Execute File, but no permissions for Read Data and therefore the application failed to read the files in the directory.

I suggest that one of the users having trouble should try to open the file Languages.xml in Notepad or in Internet Explorer directly from the shared network folder. An error message is shown by those applications if the user does not have the required Read Data permission.

It could be also helpful to append to the batch file at bottom the command Pause, change @echo off at top of the batch file to @echo on if that line exists at all, and then execute the batch file. Now the user can view the executed commands and also all errors occurring during batch file execution.


Thanks for all the answers, in my case changing Xcopy to Copy for the few single file Copys helped, at least it seems so. Hopefully it stays this way^^


Because of permission errors I used robocopy instead of copy or xcopy

More info here:

Exclude folders in batch-copy-script

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