I using HtmlAgilityPack i have a html of table

<TABLE class=default cellSpacing=0 width="95%" border=0 name="LISTA_MOV"><TBODY>
<TD class=normal colSpan=5 align=center>ACCOUNT IN&nbsp;EUR: ES1030580147982720000036 - HAZERA ESPAÑA</TD></TR>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top width=80 align=center>Date</TD>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top width=60 align=center>Value date</TD>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top align=center>Reference</TD>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top align=center>Amount</TD>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top align=center>Balance</TD></TR>
<TD class=columnas vAlign=top width=80 align=center><INPUT onclick="sortTable('LISTA_MOV',0,true,'Date');" alt="Ordenar Ascendente" src="/BE/util_apoyo/img/esp/orden_1.gif" type=image border=0 name=Sort>&nbsp;<INPUT onclick="sortTable('LISTA_MOV',0,false,'Date');" alt="Ordenar Descendente" src="/BE/util_apoyo/img/esp/orden_2.gif" type=image border=0 name=Sort_Date_down0></TD>...

when i trying to date,(that in the td with date value) with Xpath "//tr//td[1]"

 GeneralUtils.GetListDataFromHtmlSourse(PageData, "//tr//td[1]");

i getting 40 values and the two fist one i don't need they are " nbsp;" and "Date", sow i just need to fix my Xpath that will retur me all tr after second(or more in other case)

How can i need to change Xpath //tr//td[1] that it will look for tr after second tr elements.

  • Why don't you just use the LINQ .Skip() method to step over the first two? – DGibbs Jun 30 '14 at 9:40
  • I can check if my list contains at[1] =nbsp or date ,but i want to do this with Xpath i think it more appropriate way. – user3567884 Jun 30 '14 at 9:43
  • 3
    Why? It's essentially the same thing and your intent is much more clear IMO. Anyway, you can use position(). Something like "Elem[position() > 2]" – DGibbs Jun 30 '14 at 9:47
  • 1
    @DGibbs This actually makes sense to use XPath, because an intelligent XPath processor will never even touch the first two entries, whereas if you use skip() you might have to serialize stuff (this is of course much more relevant if this is a large element). Also, imho the XPath way is much clearer (but I am an XPath/XQuery developer, so this might depend on the individual background) – Reinstate Monica - dirkk Jun 30 '14 at 13:13

like DGibbs said you can use position, apply it like:

GeneralUtils.GetListDataFromHtmlSourse(PageData, "//tr[position() > 2]//td[1]");

You can try using XPath position() filter, for example :

//tr[position() > 2]//td[1]

Why not be more specific in your XPath? Something like:

/TABLE[@name='LISTA_MOV']/tr[position() > 1]/td[1]

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