i created an external class called StringHelper and i putted the require into the _bootstrap.php.

I used it into my acceptance test and it didn't work:

class StringHelper {
    public static function getString($length) {
        return "Hello World";


require_once 'components/StringHelper.php';

My LoginCest.php

use \AcceptanceTester;

class LoginCest
    public function test01(AcceptanceTester $I)
        $I->wantTo('Try to access without permission');
        $I->waitForText('You don`t have permission.', 10, '.alert');

    public function test02(AcceptanceTester $I)
        SeleniumHelper::fillField($I, '#desc_login', StringHelper::getString(2));
        $I->waitForText('Please, fill the login field', 10, '.alert'); 

My returned message:

Acceptance Tests (2) --------------------------------------------
Trying to Try to access without permission (LoginCest::test01) Ok
Trying to test02 (LoginCest::test02)                           Ok

Here in "Trying to test02" why doesn't appear "Hello World"?

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Try to write a module/helper for this function as codeception queues the commands, so when your command is executed codeception is not "listening".

Refer here: http://codeception.com/docs/06-ModulesAndHelpers

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