I have an error populating the cassandra log and have no idea what it means. I have done a bit of googling around, but found no clear reason for it.

Any ideas?

ERROR [Thrift:649566] 2014-06-30 08:51:25,914 CustomTThreadPoolServer.java (line 217) Error occurred during processing of message.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method violates its general contract!

    at java.util.TimSort.mergeHi(TimSort.java:868)
    at java.util.TimSort.mergeAt(TimSort.java:485)
    at java.util.TimSort.mergeCollapse(TimSort.java:410)
    at java.util.TimSort.sort(TimSort.java:214)

Which version of Cassandra are you running? I guess some version of Cassandra has a bug when running Cassandra with JDK 7 due to changed sort algorithm in Arrays.sort and stricter check of Comparator contract in JDK 7.

Could it be this Cassandra bug?

Thread on SO explaining why the Exception occurs, Why does my compare method throw exception?

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