I wanted to add a drop down list to my wordpress post. So i put this in the text editor

<option value="volvo">Volvo</option>
<option value="saab">Saab</option>
<option value="mercedes">Mercedes</option>
<option value="audi">Audi</option>

however once I switch to the visual editor and then back to the text editor, i see this,

<select><option value="volvo">Volvo</option></select>
<select><option value="saab">Saab</option></select>
<select><option value="mercedes">Mercedes</option></select>
<select><option value="audi">Audi</option></select>

why is wordpress automatically appending select tags to each option value?

I am using wordpress 3.9.1 twenty twelve theme

  • The editor is notoriously frustrating, I'd actually recommend trying out some of the alternative editor plugins such as WP Editor or WP Super Edit – Jared Cobb Jun 30 '14 at 16:41

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