The issue is with chrome and IE. If we add scrolling option while making datatable the table header not aligned with the table. otherwise it is fine.

"scrollY" : 200, "scrollCollapse" : true, "sScrollX" : "100px",
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Hi we can solve the issue by adding our own custom scrolling facility.

  • steps:)

    1. remove the scroll options while making datatable.
    2. wrap the table with div: $('#'+tableId).wrap("<div class='scrolledTable'></div>");
    3. give css property for scrolledTable class.

    .scrolledTable{ overflow-y: auto; clear:both; }

    1. Finish.
  • You saved my day. Thanks so much. – wowzuzz Jun 28 at 19:00

This may help,

$(".table ").css({"width":"100%"});

I placed it in my drawCallback function, and that worked for me(you can add it to yourstyle.css)

If the table's html is created programmatically, I needed a delay between creating the html and creating the table itself. It's possible that the delay needs changing for different browsers.

$(tableID + 'Table').html('<table class="display" id="' + tableID.substring(1) + '"></table>'); = function (onclick) {
    // onclick is the function (if any) to be run when a row is clicked
    var defs = this.tableDefs;
    // workaround delay to allow column headers to be resized. Needs a delay after being created, before being shown
    setTimeout(function () {
        table = $(tableID).DataTable(defs);
        $(tableID + ' tbody tr').on('click', function () {
            var nTds = $('td', this);
    }, 200);

Just write,


also write "scrollX": true

You can do like this:

  //"scrollX": true,            
  "initComplete": function (settings, json) {  
    $("#DataTableID").wrap("<div style='overflow:auto; width:100%;position:relative;'></div>");            

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