I want to add text to table header's dynamically but I can't think of anything.

This is how I add text to div,

var textForDiv1 = getFromArray.ResourceKey;

and it works, but how can I do same for a <th> ?


Html is being added dynamically, but this is how I am adding th

    var someRow= "<tr class='someClass' ><th>text1</th><th>text2</th></tr>"; // add resources

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You can select th elements much in the same way that you can select other elements on the page (like divs) using any valid CSS selector. For example if you wanted to dynamically change the table headers for this table:

    <th id='th-two'>Two</th>
    <th class='tablehead'>Three</th>

You could do something like this:

 // change the first table header
 var newTableHeader = 'Five';
 $('table th').eq(0).text( newTableHeader );

 // change the second table header
 var newTableHeader = 'Four';
 $('th#th-two').text( newTableHeader );

 // change the third table header
 var newTableHeader = 'Six';
 $('.tablehead').text( newTableHeader );

give your headers an id when creating them and just access them as you would any other element:

 var someRow= "<tr class='someClass' ><th id='header1' >text1</th><th>text2</th></tr>"; // add resources




If you want to set on all th of table some text then do like this:

    $("#Table th").each(function () {

     $(this).text("Dummy text")


for dynamic and different content in each th you can do:

var temp = new Array();

var i =0;
 $("#Table th").each(function () {



  • Thank you, but each table header will have different text Jul 1, 2014 at 14:25
  • you can put whatever text is needed Jul 1, 2014 at 14:26

You can identify each th by its unique id if you have them.

As I can see from your example, ids aren't there. So, you need to target them using nth-child selector.

Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/abhitalks/CYVH4/1/

Relevant JS:

$("#tab").find("tr.someClass").first().children("th:nth-child(1)").text("Header One");

$("#tab").find("tr.someClass").first().children("th:nth-child(2)").text("Header Two");

So, you use nth-child(n) to target the cells you are after. Alternatively, you could use jQuery .eq(n) to target a specific cell.

$("#tab tr.someClass").eq(0).children("th").eq(0).text("Header One");

Include the thead in the selector.

<table id="Table">

add thead in there with #Table

var someRow= "<tr class='someClass' ><th>text1</th><th>text2</th></tr>"; // add resources
$("#Table thead").append(someRow);

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