I have a perl distribution I have built with Dist::Zilla, and so I do not have to contaminate my installed Perl's lib with the dependencies, I have used Carton to manage them.

Things work great in development, but when I run dzil test or dzil release and tests are run, then the dependencies are not found and tests fail because the modules cannot be loaded.

I have tried carton exec -- dzil test and PERL5LIB=local/lib/perl5 dzil test but I think that means i need to put all my Dist::Zilla deps into the cpanfile, which seems plain wrong (I do have Dist::Zilla and the deps I need installed in my perl's lib path).

Is there a better way?


I solved it with:

export PERL5LIB=$PERL5LIB:/absolute/path/to/project/local/lib/perl5; dzil release

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