I'm writing a simple JS app that takes in a JSON file, displays the information to the user and allows them to modify it, and then allows them to re-export the JSON. However, the JSON that is being brought in is multi-line; each key/value is on its own line. When I use .stringify to output the JSON, it all appears on one line. Is there any way for the stringify method to separate the lines?

JSON Structure:


But when I output, it all shows:


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You can use the space parameter of the stringify method. From the official page, here is the relevant excerpt:

JSON.stringify({ a: 2 }, null, " ");   // '{\n "a": 2\n}'
  • why " " helps to add a new line instead of just a space ?
    – aanhlle
    Nov 26, 2022 at 15:30

you can also use.

var json = JSON.stringify({ uno: 1, dos : {"s":"dd","t":"tt"} }, null, '\t');

Or even better, the count of spaces in the indentation:

var json = JSON.stringify({ uno: 1, dos : {"s":"dd","t":"tt"} }, null, 2);

None of the above worked for me the only thing that worked for me was

await fs.promises.writeFile('testdataattr.json',JSON.stringify(datatofile, null,'\r\n'),'utf8') ;

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