I have this code.

class MyParser < Nokogiri::XML::SAX::Document
  def characters(string)
    LOG.debug("characters #{string}")

  def start_element(name, attrs = [])
    LOG.debug("start_element #{name}")

  def end_element(name)
    LOG.debug("end_element #{name}")

parser = Nokogiri::HTML::SAX::Parser.new(MyParser.new)
parser.parse(File.new($*[0], 'rb'))

Run on an HTML fragment like this,


the output shows that only the first element is processed:

start_element h1
characters Hello
end_element h1

If I wrap the fragment in html and body tags, the whole input is parsed.

Is there a way to use a SAX style parser on HTML fragments?


You need to wrap your fragment in a root element:


should solve your problem.

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