I was trying to implement FASTCGI, from following tutorial. Whenever I execute the code, I get following warning:

Subroutine FCGI::DESTROY redefined at xyz.fcgi line 30.

The statement, that is responsible for throwing the warning:

*FCGI::DESTROY = sub {};

Any idea, why it throw warning?

I do not want to suppress the warning.


Below are the cases which cause Subroutine xyz redefined error

1: You declared the same subroutine somewhere

2: You have a dependency loop

If it's not from above two cases then restarting the server and adding 1; at the end of your module may solve the issue.

Also see: best way to handle Subroutine redefined warning

  • The code over-rides the sub-routine defined in FCGI module. Reason -1 was correct. Thanks – ritesh_NITW Jul 2 '14 at 11:29

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