so I have

A Part with : (I will spare you the layout details, it's just to show my setup)

sc = new ScrolledComposite(parent, SWT.V_SCROLL | SWT.H_SCROLL);
    drawingPane = new Composite(sc, SWT.NONE);

    paintCanvas = new Canvas(drawingPane, SWT.NO_REDRAW_RESIZE | SWT.NO_BACKGROUND);

When I add then a MouseWheelListener to the Canvas, each Time the event occurs, the vertical Scrollbar of the ScrolledComposite is also reacting to it.

Which is kind of annoying. I tried the Solution of this Question. But the Thing is that the Canvas is the Source of the Event, which is right and I need it to be.

The question is more how can I prohibit the MouseEvent to get passed on to the ScrolledComposite? I also tried to disable the Scrollbar, but this wasn't practical as I have found no place in the Code to re-enable it afterwards. As it seems that the scrolling gets triggered after anything else(like the redraw of my canvas for example).

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A bit more Code would be helpful. Anyway, you could try the following:

paintCanvas.addListener(SWT.MouseVerticalWheel, new Listener() {

    public void handleEvent(Event event) {

        event.doit = false;

But I don't think that this will work, since MouseEvents aren't TraverseEvents. I couldn't test it for myself with your code snippet.

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