i have this simple type from an external webservice:

<xsd:element name="card_number" maxOccurs="1"
    <xsd:restriction base="tns:PanType">
        <xsd:pattern value="\d{16}"></xsd:pattern>
        <xsd:whiteSpace value="collapse"></xsd:whiteSpace>

but whe i launch wsdl2py -b filename.wsdl i got this error:

ZSI.generate.Wsdl2PythonError: unsupported local simpleType restriction: <schema targetNamespace="https://xxxxx.yyyyy.zz/sss/"><complexType name="PaymentReq"><sequence><element name="card_number"><simpleType>

How can i fix this? I tried to change from simpleType to compleType and wsdl2py generate python code without problem. In this way i can't be able to use card_number in my python object.

Thanks for helping.


I'm not sure if this is still the case, but a quick google suggests that simpleTypes with user-defined restriction bases aren't supported by ZSI.

If this is still the case, then you could modify the restriction for "card_number" to remove the base and update the restriction-facets within the simpleType-restriction to reflect what the base would have provided.

If you post the content of restriction facets for PanType, we can tell you what that would be.

  • Thank for your response! If i change this line <xsd:restriction base="tns:PanType"> with this <xsd:restriction base="xsd:string"> it works, but it changes data type. I don't know Pantype's content, because it stays on external server: xmlns:tns="xxx.yyy.it/sss" How do you modify above element? Thank you. – diegor Mar 16 '10 at 10:27
  • You should be able to resolve PanType, is it not referenced by a location definition? – MattH Mar 16 '10 at 10:44
  • Nop! The locations that i see on wsdl file are location of "service" tag. This wsdl is provided by a bank and i ask them PanType definition. I'm not confident in them positive response. :-| – diegor Mar 16 '10 at 10:51
  • Obviously, I'm not seeing the whole picture, but if what you say is true: that you have no access to the schema definition for PanType then I don't see how you could be expected to produce valid elements with restrictions based on it. – MattH Mar 16 '10 at 11:02
  • Exactly! I hope that the bank give me definition of PanType. Thank you very much, for now! :) – diegor Mar 16 '10 at 11:04

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