I have done this:

$ z() { echo 'hello world'; }

How do I get rid of it?

unset -f z

Will unset the function named z. A couple people have answered with:

unset z

but if you have a function and a variable named z only the variable will be unset, not the function.

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In Zsh:

unfunction z

That's another (arguably better) name for unhash -f z or unset -f z and is consistent with the rest of the family of:

  • unset
  • unhash
  • unalias
  • unlimit
  • unsetopt

When in doubt with such things, type un<tab> to see the complete list.

(Slightly related: It's also nice to have functions/aliases like realiases, refunctions, resetopts, reenv, etc to "re-source" respective files, if you've separated/grouped them as such.)

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