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My iOS app shows status "Ready for sale" in my iTunes connect account. The status changed 3 hours back. I am able to view the app when i click in the link provided in my iTunes connect account. My app is not available when i search it in the store. How much time does it take for the app to come up on the store.

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Yes, after your app gets Status Ready for Sale it might take some time for after that the app will be visible as search result. Totally depends on Apple as The delay is due to propagating your application's status across their all iTunes app stores servers. it will take maximun a day.

This is what i learnt from somewhere want to share as Apple cache the data that will shows in the search result on iTunes App store. So I think this will take couple of hours for their caches to be updated.


Usually it takes under 3 hours but it's totally up to Apple. Sometimes it takes a day...

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