I am still new to SOLR and I've managed to install and index 1000 documents from the database. When I submit a query, the results are returned correctly but the order of the fields are not displayed as how it is defined in the data config file.

Example of data config file:

<field column="id" name="event_id" />
<field column="event_desc_current" name="event_desc" />
<field column="event_cost" name="event_cost" /> 
<field column="event_sponsors" name="event_sponsors" />

Example of results returned:

<result name="response" numFound="7" start="0">
    <str name="event_desc">Church Fund Raising</str>
    <arr name="event_sponsors">
    <str name="event_id">2</str>
    <int name="event_cost">428</int>
    <long name="_version_">1472652516366745600</long></doc>

How can I output the order of the fields as defined in the data config file like this:


Typically, the order of the fields should not matter, as you would de-serialize it in a client and the logic of displaying the search results is with the client.

However, if you do want to dictate the order of fields, you could use the fl parameter in your Solr query to get results in the order you prefer.

You could also choose which fields to include in the search field.

Personally, I would recommend that you need not worry about order of fields, and have a client that can consume it in any order. Reason being, if you add a new field to your schema, in the middle, you could potentially breaking the client's logic!

  • I tried this in solrconfig.xml <str name="fl">event_id,event_desc,event_cost,event_sponsors</str> - I am still not getting the order I want. Am I doing it wrongly? – Cryssie Jul 4 '14 at 6:08
  • I meant pass fl=foo,bar,blah as part of your querystring of the http request to solr.. – Srikanth Venugopalan Jul 4 '14 at 6:33

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