how to insert the data into sqlite using qt:

query = QSqlQuery("INSERT INTO customer_details (rationcard_num, aadharcard_num, name) 
  • What is the problem with that code? – CL. Jul 4 '14 at 7:06
  • I have provided a working example that strictly follows the official Qt docs. If it solves your problem (which I am sure it does) then please accept the answer. It will be helpful for future references. – Abrar Aug 4 '16 at 7:08

You can modify your code and make the query look like this, which I think will clarify your doubts:

Preparing query statement

QSqlQuery query;
query.prepare("INSERT INTO customer_details(rationcard_num, aadharcard_num, name) values(:rationcard_num,:aadharcard_num,name)");

Bind values



You can use qDebug() to find if your query is executable:


This will return true if data inserted and false otherwise

  • Note that you had a missing : in front of name in your values (...). That could have been a problem too. – Alexis Wilke Apr 1 '18 at 1:17

You could probably call exec() on the query or call it directly with exec(const QString& query). So for example you could do:

QSqlQuery query;
query.exec("INSERT INTO customer_details (rationcard_num, aadharcard_num, name)" 
            + "values('" + rationcard_num + "','" + aadharcard_num + "','" 
            + name + "')");

If however you want to use a prepared statement you would want to construct the query with a QSqlDatabase, call prepare(statement) on that and bind the values. For example:

QSqlQuery query;
query.prepare("INSERT INTO person (rationcard_num, aadharcard_num, name) "
               "VALUES (:rationcard_num, :aadharcard_num, :name)");
query.bindValue(":rationcard_num", rationcard_num);
query.bindValue(":aadharcard_num", aadharcard_num);
query.bindValue(":name", name);
QSqlQuery query;
query.exec("INSERT INTO customer_details (rationcard_num,aadharcard_num,name)VALUES('"+rationcard_num+"','"+aadharcard_num+"','"+name+")");

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