I have 2 separate Visual Studio C# solutions. One solution contains projects that generate DLL files (class library projects) and the other solution contains projects that depend on the DLL files from the other solution.

I have two questions about adding the DLL files from the first solution as references to each of the projects in the second solution.

  1. When I add the DLL files as references (using the Browse option) is there a way to use relative directories so that if I move the solutions to a different folder I won't have to update the references? (Assuming the two solutions are always in the same location relative to one another.)

    For example: ....\Solution1\Project1\bin\Debug\Project1.dll

  2. If I change the DLL solution's configuration from Release to Debug I want the other solution projects to reference the DLLs in the Debug folder and vice versa. When adding the DLL files to each project can I use something like the Visual Studio macro $(ConfigurationName) in the DLL file path so that, depending on whether I build in Debug or Release mode, I use the correct DLL file?

    For example: ....\Solution1\Project1\bin\$(ConfigurationName)\Project1.dll

Thank you.

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