I have the following class and method:

public class UserManager<TUser, TKey> : IDisposable
    where TUser : class, global::Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.IUser<TKey>
    where TKey : global::System.IEquatable<TKey> {

   public virtual Task<TUser> FindByIdAsync(TKey userId);


private ApplicationUserManager _userManager;
    public ApplicationUserManager UserManager
            return _userManager ?? Request.GetOwinContext().GetUserManager<ApplicationUserManager>();
            _userManager = value;

public class ApplicationUserManager : UserManager<ApplicationUser, int>
public class ApplicationUser : IdentityUser<int, CustomUserLogin, CustomUserRole, CustomUserClaim>

I am trying to call this method like this:

var user = await UserManager.FindByIdAsync<ApplicationUser,int>(99);

It gives me the error:

The non-generic method

'Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.UserManager.FindByIdAsync(int)' cannot be used with type arguments

  • In my case, i imported the wrong generic method (by letting IDE doing auto imports), wanted collection HashSet but imported bouncy castle HashSet which works completely differently.
    – Anton Krug
    Jan 31 at 16:06

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As the error says, FindByIdAsync does not take type parameters. These exist on the declaring class UserManager<TUser, TKey>

var user = await UserManager.FindByIdAsync(99);

The method is declared as:

public virtual Task<TUser> FindByIdAsync(TKey userId);

And not :

public virtual Task<TUser> FindByIdAsync<T, U>(TKey userId);

The method is not generic, so you cannot pass types when calling it.

The fix is by calling it without the types:

var user = await UserManager.FindByIdAsync(99);

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