I just need some help making a looping copying of files in my directory to multiple different computers. Because my usual code is just like this:

copy C:\file.txt \\destination\c$\destinationFolder\
copy C:\file.txt \\destination\c$\destinationFolder\
copy C:\file.txt \\destination\c$\destinationFolder\
copy C:\file.txt \\destination\c$\destinationFolder\

I dont really understand how to make this a looping batch file. Where I will have a list of computers in a .txt file and the script will call it there and copy to the destination file as it loops till its done.


You can do something like this.

FOR %%G IN (\\destination\c$\destinationFolder\, \\destination2\c$\destinationFolder\) DO (
  ECHO %%G
  copy C:\file.txt %%G

Didn't tested the Copy part, but it is echoing the paths

  • so this is what i try now... '@echo off set comp=c:\comp.txt if exist %comp% goto label1 echo. echo cannot find %comp% echo. pause goto :eof pause :label1 FOR %%G IN (%comp%) DO ( ECHO %%G copy\\%comp%\c$\destinationfolder %%G)' – kenz Jul 5 '14 at 3:21

Perhaps this example will be of use to you.

for %%d in (
) do (
    copy "c:\file.txt" "%~d"

You said that your list of files is in a text file... luckily the FOR command can also iterate over the lines of a text file.

Assuming your text file (computers.txt) looks like this:

... etc.

You can iterate over the lines like so:

FOR /f "delims=" %%Q IN (computers.txt) DO (
  COPY C:\file.txt %%Q

Each line in the input file is put into the %%Q variable and the COPY command is executed for each.

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