I am developing a plugin for the "PL/SQL Developer" IDE (from Allround Automations) in Lazarus 1.2.4/FreePascal 2.6.4. The plugin is an x86 DLL.

Everything has been working fine so far, except for one thing. Here's the setup:

  • I have a TForm with a TTreeView and a TPopupMenu components on it.
  • The TPopupMenu component is assigned to the TTreeView.PopupMenu property.
  • The TPopupMenu component has nonzero number of menu items created and properties AutoPopup := true, TrackButton := tbRightButton set.

And here's the issue ... When the form is shown at run-time and the tree view is right-clicked:

  • The popup menu does not get visible.
  • Yet, the popup menu's OnPopup event gets executed.

I tried doing this in the minimalistic way - a DLL that has just one export which spawns the form with a treeview and a popup menu, then running the proc. via the Win's rundll32.exe. The same result - no popup menu.

If I try the same setup (form+treeview+popupmenu) from a standalone Win application, it works OK - the popup menu shows up.

Any help on this?

May or may not be related to it: The PL/SQL Developer's bundled "plugin demo 2 / Delphi" does an assigment of Application.Handle := IDE_GetAppHandle; (with the IDE_GetAppHandle being a callback function from the PLSQL Developer IDE) which I can't do in FPC, since the TApplication class does not have the Handle property.

Any help on this, too?


Found a solution on the FreePascal+Lazarus forum: http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,24135.msg144938.html#msg144938

Excerpt: It is a bug in the LCL. But since the LCL sources are distributed along with FPC+Lazarus, you can patch the LCL yourself:

  • Edit the ${lazarus-install-folder}/lcl/interfaces/win32/win32obj.
  • Find the TWin32WidgetSet.AppInit procedure definition.
  • Find the call to CreateAppHandle (commented as // Create parent of all windows, 'button on taskbar') inside the procedure.
  • Move the call to CreateAppHandle from inside the if not IsLibrary then upwards, immediately before the if.
  • Save, compile, build ... done.

Apparently, it was related to the Application.Handle issue.

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    (minor detail that's LCL though, not FCL. FCL are units like custapp) – Marco van de Voort Jul 6 '14 at 11:09
  • As an Oracle dev, I don't distinguish between different flavours of its component/unit libraries; it's all just a bunch of Pascal units to me, sorry. :-) Thank you for spotting. – peter.hrasko.sk Jul 6 '14 at 15:02

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