When doing a conventional plot I could use xlim and ylim to show ranges of what I wanted plotted.

How can I achieve this in ggplot?

EDIT: Example of a dataset I plot:

real <- read.table("http://pelinfamily.ca/bio/GDR-18_conc.ld", header=F)
dd <- data.frame(Distance=real[,2]-real[,1], r.2=real[,13])

ggplot(dd, aes(x=Distance, y=r.2)) +
   stat_summary(fun.data="mean_sdl", mult=1, geom="ribbon", alpha=.4) + 
   stat_summary(fun.data="mean_sdl", mult=1, geom="line")

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Since you are doing stat_summary you might consider..

+ coord_cartesian(xlim=c(-10, 10), ylim=c(-10, 10))

Which will merely "zoom in" without changing the underlying data.

ggplot2 docs


This post actually answers it pretty well: How to set limits for axes in ggplot2 R plots?

I found:

... + scale_x_continuous(limits = c(-5000, 5000)

to work.

... + xlim(-5000, 5000)

Did not work for some reason.

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