I having problems finding documentation or examples regarding the proper way to use the Accelerometer to trigger a Shake event. Seems like it should be easy, but all the examples are 8.0 which apparently are using Microsoft.Devices.Sensors;

Apparently you are supposed to use using Windows.Devices.Sensors; which you would think are the same, but things like Start() and Stop methods no longer exist. I was trying to use a Microsoft AccelerometerHelper class from Microsoft and it also uses the older namespace. The Shaken event in the Accelerometer class is only triggered on the tablets and not phones according to:

MSDN : here

Windows Phone 8: The accelerometer sensor does not raise the Shaken event on the Windows Phone 8 platform. If you add an event handler for the Shaken event in your Windows Phone 8 app, no error is raised, but the code in the event handler won’t run.


The last resort or another option if you can't port the code to WP 8.1 Runtime is to switch the project to Windows Phone 8 Silverlight or even 8.1 Silverlight, all code work perfectly, I've worked with AccelerometerHelper class before and face the same problem.

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