i use jquery UI Select menu and i want to make a custom icon for every option tag

i use php and mysql to get my icons and elements

i try to use span and give it an icon as a background image but it's not working

            <label class="langLabel" for="filesA">Select your language:</label>
            <select name="filesA" id="filesA">

                $langs  = select("*","lang");
                    echo "<option value={$lang['lang_id']} data-class=\"ui-icon-script\">{$lang['lang_full_name']}
                    echo "<span class='test' style='background: url('".
                       "img/flags2".$lang['lang_flag'] ."') />";



Please have a look at the following jQuery UI demo.

The first example is most likely what you are looking for. The source code is available too.

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