Is it possible to exclude files in a project from Xcode when searching? I have some JSON files in my project and Xcode constantly locks up if it finds matches in these files.


You can define custom search scope for your search. Custom scope can be define, save, and reuse specific location and file criteria for searches. enter image description here

Now you can add as as many file names as you want. enter image description here

More details on how to use custom search scope can be found here- https://developer.apple.com/Library/ios/recipes/xcode_help-search_navigator/articles/adding_a_search_scope.html

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    Awesome! I never knew that text below the search field was a button. So many hidden features like this in Xcode. – Berry Blue Jul 7 '14 at 6:23
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    @BerryBlue That's what happens when Apple ignores its own HIG (Human Interface Guidelines)... A proper Mac application (Xcode should be...) must have ALL its functionality available from the menu-bar. Buttons only serve as time-saving short-cuts. So, when I receive a new app, or a new version - all I do is simply browse the menus and look for interesting stuff. – Motti Shneor Jul 7 '16 at 11:29

Xcode 9 update

Here are examples to search including or excluding file names, file extensions, etc

enter image description here

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I prefere to use regexp. example for excluding unit tests files "foo_unittest.cc" or "foo_test.m"


dropdown fields conditions:

  • "File name"
  • "matches regular expression"
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