I've created a web scenario with three steps within my zabbix installation. In case of an error I want to get a more detailed information about the error in the notification. I'm getting this:

PROBLEM: www.mywebsite.tld.Fail : Failed step of scenario www.mywebsite.tld.

In the status window of the web scenarios I'm getting the information:

step "Product Page" [3 of 3] failed: required pattern not found

How can I send the text of the web scenario status into the notification?

Normally it shouldn't be such a big problem, the text is already available in the status text.
Is there a macro for this text?


The correct way to implement the notifications is to configure triggers on the items created from web scenarios and relative steps. The item that holds the "required pattern not found" string is "Last error message of scenario" : web.test.error[Scenario].

  • That's where I'm getting the "not very chatty" answer from Zabbix. I need the more detailed answer e.g. "failed: required pattern not found", the trigger doesn't give me this information. – Karl Ramseier Jul 10 '14 at 8:18
  • Updated the answer to be more specific – Michael Tabolsky Jul 10 '14 at 9:33

You can't see web output in web check. But you can create new Zabbix item web.page.get[host,,] and then you will see web output in item history.


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