I'm used to the Vi(m) editor and am using MS Visual Studio 2005 at work. I couldn't find a free Vi add-in (there's only one for the 2003 version). I googled a bit, saw that there was a 'Google summer of code' project this year to write such an add-in, and am eagerly awaiting the result. I've also heard of ViEmu (not free, and I can't test it at work).

Has anyone in my situation has found a solution (and/or tested ViEmu)?

Edit: I can't test ViEmu at work because they are paranoid about what we install on our boxes: it has to go through required channels, and for 30 days I don't reckon it's worth it (and I have no Windows box at home).

Edit: Since both answers were equivalent, I ended up accepting the first one that came in.

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ViEmu works great with Visual Studio. I used Vi(m) strictly in Linux, but I was turned on to bringing the Vi(m) editing process into the Windows world by JP Boodhoo. JP praises about it also.


ViEmu works great. I've been using it for about a year now and couldn't imagine coding in Visual Studio without it.

Why can't you test it at work? It has a 30 day free trial.

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