I'm working on a eclipse plug-in and I've tried to create another test project seperate from the plug-in. The reason I do this is to not let the plug-in depend on jUnit when it is exported. However, I can't access the Eclipse Plug-in API when I do the testing. Whenever I try to add Plug-in dependencies the import list to that is empty.

Does anyone know how to import Eclipse plug-in API to an existing project? The workspace layout looks like this at the moment:

+- com.foo.myplugin
|     |
|     +- JRE System Library
|     |
|     +- Plug-in Dependencies
|     |
|     +- src
|     |
|     +- icons, META-INF, plugin.xml, etc...
+- com.foo.myplugin.test
      +- JRE System Library
      +- JUnit 4
      +- src

The recomended way of ding this seems to be with Plug-in fragments:


The fragment gets a high-degree of access to your plugin's code and separates the testing logic / dependencies from the plugin itsself.

Now if only I could find a way to test them in an automated system... (see: Automating unit tests (junit) for Eclipse Plugin development )


You can export the plug-in dependency from the plug-in project. Easiest way is like this:

  1. Go to your com.foo.plugin project properties

  2. Go to Java Build Path > Order and Export

  3. Check the Plug-in Dependencies entry

The test project should now be able to use plug-in API without the need to use all plugin configuration required for a plug-in project.


You could try to add the plugin nature to your new myplugin.test project.

In your .project file:



Then in the .classpath, add:

        <classpathentry kind="con" path="org.eclipse.pde.core.requiredPlugins"/>

Delete your myplugin.test from the workspace, re-import that project and see if that does the trick...


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