I'm using tyrus 1.7 standalone client to connect to a remote websocket. This is done like in the sample: https://tyrus.java.net/documentation/1.7/user-guide.html#websocket-client-endpoint

In the default implementation only checks if the SSL certificate chain is valid but it doesn't care if the hostname is wrong. This seems to be a big security risk.

When testing the raw HTTPS connecton to the websocket server (without websocket upgrade) via HttpsURLConnection the hostname and chain verification works as expected.

Is there a way of activation SSL hostname verification in the tyrus standalone client?


Works out of the box with the latest version from the repository.

The features was added in following commit: https://github.com/tyrus-project/tyrus/commit/5ca23a3493b0730a5881a78e9fd8bdab95d31705

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