What is the correct string formatting structure for Google Apps Scripts - as per the documentation.

Is this about how C formatting works?

I cannot figure how to write sprintf-like string formatting using '%'-style format strings.

I am using Google Apps Scripts to copy data from a spreadsheet, process the data in memory, then replace text placeholders in a Google Doc with the processed data.

Some of the data includes numbers, intended to represent currency, and these are placed into tables.

I have written a simple function to format the strings...

function formatStringCurrency(tempValue) {
  // Description
  return Utilities.formatString("$%d,%3.2f", tempValue/1000, tempValue%1000);

and I parse the necessary data through this function to prepare a "currency-like" string.

My problem - my formatting function works perfectly unless the string is over 1,000, and is also a multiple of 1000, that is, does not contain hundreds or less.

For example, here is a screenshot sample of my current output...

spreadsheet output: first row $2,325.00, $9,300.00, second row $3,0.00, $12,0.00, etc...

The second row is intended to display $3,000.00 and $12,000.00.

I have thought about formatting the Google Doc table, however that is not yet possible either manually or programmatically.

I have also attempted to remove all formatting from the numbers as they are represented in the original spreadsheet, however this does not make a difference.

As always, any assistance would be appreciated.

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Leading zeros (zeros in the left till have a minimum number of digits) don't work for floats. But this will work

function formatStringCurrency(tempValue) {
  // Description
  return Utilities.formatString("$%d,%02d%1.2f", tempValue/1000, tempValue%1000/10,tempValue%10);

function examples(){


[14-07-08 19:47:21:138 HKT] $0,001.00
[14-07-08 19:47:21:141 HKT] $0,000.10
[14-07-08 19:47:21:145 HKT] $1,000.00
[14-07-08 19:47:21:149 HKT] $0,100.00
[14-07-08 19:47:21:154 HKT] $134,141.00
[14-07-08 19:47:21:157 HKT] $32,423.43

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