Per the title, I'm getting the following warning when I try to scp through an ssh tunnel. In my case, I cannot scp directly to foo because port 1234 on device foo is being forwarded to another machine bar on a private network (and bar is the machine that is giving me a tunnel to

$ # -f and -N don't matter and are only to run this example in one terminal
$ ssh -f -N -p 1234 userA@foo -L3333:
$ scp -P 3333 foo.py ubuntu@localhost:
ubuntu@localhost's password:
stty: standard input: Inappropriate ioctl for device
foo.py                                          100% 1829     1.8KB/s   00:00

Does anyone know why I might be getting this warning about Inappropriate ioctl for device?


I got the exact same problem when I included the following line on my ~/bashrc:

stty -ixon

The purpose of this line was to allow the use of Ctrl-s in reverse search of bash.

This link has a solution (not available)

Web Archive version of the above link

'stty' applies to ttys, which you have for interactive login sessions. .kshrc is executed for all sessions, including ones where stdin isn't a tty. The solution, other than moving it to your .profile, is to make execution conditional on it being an interactive shell.

There are several ways to check for interecative shell. The following solves the problem for bash:

[[ $- == *i* ]] && stty -ixon
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    Explanation of "[[ $- = i ]]" found here (I certainly needed it): stackoverflow.com/questions/31155381/what-does-i-mean-in-bash/… – Alex Johnson Feb 13 '17 at 22:37
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    Glad you pasted the text from the link, as it looks like that link is dead now, and some quick searching doesn't turn up a new URL for it. – Randall Feb 15 '17 at 16:44
  • @Randall the link is dead indeed. But I hope it is temporary, as mentioned at their homepage. – mMontu Feb 16 '17 at 11:12
  • Nope. It's gone. – TonyG Nov 19 '18 at 4:14
  • exactly the same problem. Interestingly I was getting this as an error popup on initial login on ubuntu when the offending call was in my .profile. I'm a little surprised its getting sourced but hopefully this should fix – JonnyRaa Nov 20 '18 at 10:39

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