If i use the following code it shows me error "Type 'HttpConnection' does not conform to protocol 'NSObjectProtocol'"

class HttpConnection : NSURLConnectionDataDelegate {
        var urlConnection       : NSURLConnection?
        weak var delegate       : HttpConnecting?

            self.delegate = delegate;

        func startAsynRequestWithUrlString(url:NSString, withMethod:NSString){

If i subclass HttpConnection to NSObject then it works fine. So my question is when i need to adopt NSURLConnectionDataDelegate protocol in swift why i need to inherit the class from NSObject?


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NSURLConnectionDataDelegate itself inherits from NSURLConnectionDelegate which inherits from NSObjectProtocol.

That means that apart from implementing all the methods from NSURLConnectionDataDelegate, and NSURLConnectionDelegate, you also have to implement all the methods from NSObjectProtocol (e.g. equality, hash).

You didn't implement them, that's your mistake. If you inherit from NSObject, all that NSObjectProtocol methods are already implemented for you.

  • Thanks yes i seen that all the methods in NSObjectProtocol are required method :) Commented Jul 9, 2014 at 9:53

Because in the documentation it says :

The NSURLConnectionDataDelegate protocol describes methods that should be implemented by the delegate for an instance of the NSURLConnection class. Many methods in this protocol existed as part of an informal protocol in previous versions of OS X and iOS.

In addition to the methods described in this protocol, an NSURLConnection delegate should also implement the methods described in the NSURLConnectionDelegate protocol.

and NSURLConnectionDelegate conforms to NSObject. Just make your class inherit from NSObject and you'll be good to go.

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