Looking for doe help to pipe the below command into a command to automatically delete all home directories.

The below command lists al users that are disable in AD and their home directories.

Get-ADUser -filter 'enabled -eq $false' -properties Name, homedirectory -SearchBase "OU=Avanta_UK,OU=_Avanta_Group,DC=avanta,DC=co,DC=uk” | ft Name, enabled, samaccountname, homedirectory

Obviously run this with caution:

Get-ADUser -filter 'enabled -eq $false' -properties Name, homedirectory -SearchBase "OU=Avanta_UK,OU=_Avanta_Group,DC=avanta,DC=co,DC=uk" | % {
    Write-Host ("Removing homdir for:" + $_.Name + ",path:" + $_.homedirectory)
    rm -Force -Recurse $_.homedirectory
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  • thanks, I will narrow the search first and do a test :) – Ankh2054 Jul 9 '14 at 14:30

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