I am using following code to connect QMenu to QPushButton. When button is clicked a pull-down menu with multiple sub-menu's items is shown.

button.setText("Press Me")



menuItem1=menu.addAction('Menu Item1')
menuItem2=menu.addAction('Menu Item2') 

Now depending on a condition I would like to customize QPushButton display by giving it a text and background color. The following line of code (which is supposed to change background color) has no effect on QPushButton connected to QMenu.

button.setStyleSheet('QPushButton {background-color: #A3C1DA}')

I would like to know how to change the background color of QPushButton as well as button's text's color.

  • Some inconsistencies with your code: ToolButtonSizePolicy is not defined and only QToolButtons have setPopupMode, not QPushButtons. For the stylesheet it doesn't matter if it is a QToolButton or a QPushButton. Your stylesheet should have worked. – Trilarion Jul 10 '14 at 7:51

Apart from some inconsistencies with your code example setting the background color and text color of a QPushButton works just fine with:

setStyleSheet('QPushButton {background-color: #A3C1DA; color: red;}')

Example (using PySide):

from PySide import QtGui

app = QtGui.QApplication([])

button = QtGui.QPushButton()
button.setStyleSheet('QPushButton {background-color: #A3C1DA; color: red;}')
button.setText('Press Me')
menu = QtGui.QMenu()
menuItem1 = menu.addAction('Menu Item1')
menuItem2 = menu.addAction('Menu Item2')



results in:

enter image description here


For those who still want to change color of button with the instruction

button.setStyleSheet('QPushButton {background-color: #A3C1DA}')

and not able to do so, just modify the above instruction to

button.setStyleSheet('QPushButton {background-color: #A3C1DA; border:  none}')

And it will change the button color, so the trick is to remove the border

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