In Oracle APEX 4.0, I have a database of customers and I would like the page title to change to the name of the customer I selected to edit. I entered the title like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Bo0cy.png

However, the tab comes out like this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Z41H4.jpg

What am I doing incorrectly?


Using a Substitution Literal to Set Variable Apex Page Properties

This solution was developed on a system hosted by Oracle Corp. at apex.oracle.com. The APEX (Oracle Application Express) version is currrently 4.2.5; although the OP is requesting advice for release 4.0, the functionality requested has been possible since the late 3.x versions of Apex through to the present.

This one uses a notation sometimes called a "substitution literal". Any global or page-level item fits into this definition. If you put an ampersand (&) at the beginning and a dot (.) at the end of an item, whatever value was assigned to that item within that session/context will show up as the actual value wherever it is assigned.

The reason why it is useful, is that the ITEM referenced can be manipulated through code, sql queries and user input... and the developer no longer has to change the value directly.

Substitution Value Notation:

    Where the ITEM is a page-level bucket, named: PX_SAMPLE_ITEM

It is very subtle, but the dot at the end is necessary.

Setting a Variable Page Title

This is one place where a variable application ITEM can be set (Page Title Attribute):

Variable Page Title Set Up

The following are a couple of screenshots where I used a page-level item, defined as a variable SELECT LIST form element. The select list item also had a REDIRECT property set so that the page would automatically refresh and update the page title property each time a new value was selected or altered.

Variable Page Title Property Example One

Variable Page Title Property Example Two

Verifying Page Configuration and Settings

If you have any difficulty getting things to work from the first pass when creating the page and its contents, this a summary of the settings to verify:

  1. Note that within the view of the application, PAGE 11 is the page which contains my example of a variable page title value.

Application Layout of Pages

  1. Drill down to the layout properties of page 11. P11_PAGE_TITLE is the bucket that contains whatever you want the page title to be. This can be a static definition, the result of a user selection, etc. Make sure to create this item and use the same name when referencing it within your page title definition section (highlighted in section/step 3 below)

Individual Apex Application Page Definition

  1. Note the circled areas. These are the fields that need the definition/reference of the page item mentioned in step 2 above. The first field, the "page name" is not as important as the second field which is part of the "page display" properties. I filled in both, but you probably only need the latter.

Substitution Value Placement Within Page Attributes

Opening the item help-text for the Display Attributes > Title property, the inline documentation says that whatever is inserted into the TITLE field is put inside the <TITLE></TITLE> block of the rendered page HTML code:

More Page Title Definition Detail: Help Text

An Expanded Discussion on Version Compatibility of this Solution

I cannot speak for sure on the exact version where this approach still works as detailed above. I made a few notes below in response to comments from @MNT, the OP author with respect to keeping their instance and its version of Apex up to date.

No problem @MNT, I mentioned possible compatibility between the method tried in 4.25 (my solution) and 4.00 (your version), but keep in mind, the gap in time between these versions is probably more than two years of upgrades and also a jump between backend databases versions (Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g R1... and even 11g R2) Lots has happened. I suppose that isn't very assuring from your situation, but consider upgrading. All APEX patch and release upgrades are free and it's important to keep up.

Why It's important to keep up your upgrades and patch sets (an example) The hop from 4.20 to 4.25 alone (from my experience) was an arduous one as actual internal columns were dropped and index keys disappeared... rendering my repository of exported scripts useless. Make sure you leave yourself a back door or a sound upgrade plan (if you have existing applications) for that kind of event. Once you upgrade, there really is no going back :(

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    Ok, I added a few more screenshots to show where to validate the settings. If you are not able to verify your own settings or resolve the differences, some descriptive detail (or screenshots) of the output you are getting will guide the remaining steps of this solution. – Richard Pascual Jul 11 '14 at 3:14
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    Thanks, @MNT, I appended a response at the bottom of this solution since it has important considerations other readers will want to know. If you're stuck in 4.0, there are probably still other creative avenues for accomplishing your intended task. – Richard Pascual Jul 14 '14 at 20:14
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    You may be encountering template problems/issues. TITLE is a value assigned and tracked by Apex, but eventually, the application depends on the accuracy of the output templates defined for the user's view. I kicked off a new SO question in case there is interest in validating what I have said (and observed in the past) and some of the more prominent possibilities. Again, if you're interested in more accurate answers to your specific situation, more detail about the output received would be a good assist in producing quality answers. – Richard Pascual Jul 16 '14 at 3:04
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    The post: Page Property Defined in Oracle Apex Does Not Display. See if it fills in any blanks. – Richard Pascual Jul 16 '14 at 3:06
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    The screenshots @MNT added look good. Make sure your page item P2_PAGE_TITLE (if you made it a select-box like mine) is set to "Redirect and Assign Value to Item" (this is important). I noticed that using other form elements to set the page item value needed an additional push... to either refresh the page (or redirect back to it) AND carry forward the value set to P2_PAGE_TITLE so that it sets the page value to that value when it is reloaded. – Richard Pascual Jul 16 '14 at 19:45

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