I am new developing Meteor apps and I just set up a Telescope blog which is based in Meteor.

I want to deploy it in my own hosting (a droplet at Digital ocean) using "Meteor Up" but I dont know how to configure the "MONGO_URL" and "MAIL_URL" in the mup.json file.

Everything was set up transparently in local so I have no clue where is the DB and who is the user or the password... Any help or orientation where I should look up?

Here a snippet of my mup.json file:

{ "env": { "PORT": 80, "ROOT_URL": "", "MONGO_URL": "mongodb://:@:/App", "MAIL_URL": "smtp://postmaster%40myapp.mailgun.org:adj87sjhd7s@smtp.mailgun.org:587/" },


Remove the mongo_url and it will use an internal mongo server. (I am sure of this)

You will need to apply for a free account at mailgun and use your api key here.

(guessing here) To get started, try eliminating that key as well and you may be fine.

{ "env": { "PORT": 80, "ROOT_URL": "" },

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