I've a LTSQL query which returns all users and userroles from SQL Server DB. For example one user can have many user roles. So in the returned query if you look at a single user row it will have EntitySet(UserRole) for each userRole

The C# LTSQL query which returns all the the relational data is simply

   var results = from u in db.Users
             Select u;

   Gridview.DataSource = results;

This displays all the data from the user table but not the userroles which is an entity in the results from the query.

If I want to display the user info from users table and all the userroles on a single gridView row, what is the most efficient approach? The gridView should look something like this:

UserId |  UserName  |  UserRoles         | 
1      | John Smith |  Admin, Accountant | Edit
2      | Dave Jones |  Sales, Admin      | Edit

Something like this:

var results = from u in db.Users
             Select new {
                           UserID = u.UsrID,
                           UserName = u.UserName,
                           UserRoles = string.Join(", ", u.UserRoles.Select(r => r.Name))

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