I am attempting to define a parser in NPP's functionList.xml. My file is split up as such:

------------------ {


random text


And I'm pretending that the headers are classes and the subheaders are functions so that they will show up in a nice hierarchy in the function list, like so:

header 1
    subheader 1
    subheader 2
header 2
    subheader 1


<classRange mainExpr="^\{\{([a-zA-Z]+\s?)+\}\}" displayMode="node">
        <nameExpr expr="([a-zA-Z]+\s?)+"/>
        mainExpr="^\[([a-zA-Z0-9\\]+\s?){1, 4}\]"
            <nameExpr expr="([a-zA-Z0-9\\]+\s?){1, 4}"/>

What needs to be changed about the classRange mainExpr (or wherever else the problem lies) in order for the headers to be properly searched for?


You shouldn't have spaces after the comma:


Putting this spaces converts the 'intended' range to a literal string, so it will match ^\[([a-zA-Z0-9\\]+\s?) then literally {1, 4} and then your \].


In case anyone has the a similar issue, the fix is apparently just to use funcNameExpr instead of nameExpr inside the functionName tag.

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