is possible in PSQL console export file with current date on the end of the file name? The name of the exported file should be like this table_20140710.csv is it possible to do this dynamically? - the format of the date can be different than the above it isn't so much important.

This is example what i mean:

\set curdate current_date
\copy (SELECT * FROM table) To 'C:/users/user/desktop/table_ ' || :curdate  || '.csv' WITH DELIMITER AS ';' CSV HEADER

Dynamically build the \copy command and store it in a file. Then execute it with \i

First set tuples only output


Set the output to a file

\o 'C:/users/user/desktop/copy_command.txt'

Build the \copy command

select format(
    $$\copy (select * from the_table) To 'C:/users/user/desktop/table_%s.csv' WITH DELIMITER AS ';' CSV HEADER$$
    , current_date

Restore the output to stdout


Execute the generated command from the file

\i 'C:/users/user/desktop/copy_command.txt'

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