Hi I use uberspace and installed ghost there. Ghost uses npm.

If I try:

npm install -g bower

It doesn't install it and throws a lot of erros messages what makes sense because the server is shared between many users. sudo npm install -g bower Tells me that it doesn't know bower

If I install it locally with

npm install bower

It installs it to ../node_modules. But using for example

bower install angular-mailchimp

Throws the error: -bash: bower: command not found

How do I get it running?


I was able to get Bower installed in the correct place by prefixing the global install with the following command.

npm install -g --prefix=$HOME bower
  • Ok thx yes it is solved. I do after 2 days atm it is not possible.
    – Andi Giga
    Jul 10 '14 at 18:38

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