After I do a resizing at a JPanel, is there any field or method from the ComponentEvent generated that returns the old and new size?

If not, is there a way to get this info?

The panel is resized along with the window, when the user drags and drops the corners.

  • What do you try to achive? Seems you just need to use proper LayoutManager. – alex2410 Jul 10 '14 at 14:52

No, when the resize happened, there is no way to get the old size. Also, the event doesn't track this information.

The only solution is to save the size in a field after the resize. If pack() doesn't trigger the listener to update the value, you may have to fetch it once.


From the ComponentEvent you can get the Component being resized. From there you can get the size (at least the actual one).


In this example i call the JPanel "panel":

int oldWidth, oldHeight;
int newWidth, newHeight;

//Before resize
oldWidth = panel.getWidth();
oldHeight = panel.getHeight();

//After resize
newWidth = panel.getWidth();
newHeight = panel.getHeight();

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