i have an issues with an macro that i'm writing. I have my xlsm file that i'm writing my macro in, it's creating a template that gets data from multiple spreadsheets that other people send me. However one file that i use for information is an xlsm file and is giving me problems. I believe i have isolated the problem but am unsure as to how to fix it.

the first sheet is named "Piranha" (no idea why), and the second sheet is named "Piranha - Dist & Growth split"

however when i write stardard code like Sheets("Piranha").select

it has a runtime error 40036 (Application- defined or object defined error)

it also doesn't like ActiveSheet.select / .name

but only for those two sheets, there is another sheet named "Exceptions" and i can use that object no problem. Has anyone ever heard of this problem or better have any ideas on how to solve it? Also because it's not my file if there is a way to do it without actually altering the file would be amazing. Thank you!

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    Would there be a space at the end of their name? – PatricK Jul 11 '14 at 5:17

Thanks guys for your help, however i fiiiinally figured out that when trying to manipulate the file to get the data the macro of the file would interfere with my process, so i just make a copy of the file and delete all vb components and my code works fine


In the file which is a problem, try compiling the VBA project (via Debug > Compile VBA Project in the VBA editor) and see if there is an error in any code in the relevant sheet modules

Sub test()
Sheets("Sheet1 & 2").Select
End Sub

Sub test2()
End Sub

Tested your issue with the above code and I was unable to replicate your fault. Perhaps there is a space at the beginning or end of one of the sheets? As for ActiveSheet not working, it works OK in my test. I think you need to check your code, or at least update your Question with your code so we can check it


I had similar problem error 40036 and debugging pointed to a file path variable. When deleting or adding line of code the error moved...

I tried solution from Expert Exchange:

         from VBA window do   Debug>Compile VBAProject
         fix any error raised 

I fixed the error and it all works fine now :)

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