I am creating a new class for database, the first function is to access the database the problem is that I always get error on MODE_PRIVATE

I tried to pass the context as parameter but still shows error

anyone know how to access the database from a non activity class

public class DB {

    public void OpenDB(Context ctx, SQLiteDatabase dataB)

        dataB = openOrCreateDatabase("Schlogger", ctx.MODE_PRIVATE,null);

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dataB = openOrCreateDatabase("Schlogger", ctx.MODE_PRIVATE,null);


dataB = ctx.openOrCreateDatabase("Schlogger", ctx.MODE_PRIVATE,null);

openOrCreateDatabase is a method of Context class so you need a object of Context to call it.


use context to open databse ctx.openOrCreateDatabase("Schlogger", ctx.MODE_PRIVATE,null);

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