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Good evening,
I'm facing a simple problem in JSON. I'm developping a smartwatch (Pebble) app which gets data from an API, which returns the following :

  "name": "toto",
  "count": 55,
  "results": {
    "collection1": [
        "article": "Content number 1"
        "article": "Content number 2"
        "article": "Content number 3"

The problem is the following : is it possible to access only the latest "article" content from this JSON ? So in this case, it would be "Content number 3".
Here is what I've got so far, but it returns only the 1st element :

ajax({ url: 'MY_API_URL', type:'json' }, function(data){
  simply.vibe(); // Vibrate the watch
  var message = data.results.collection1[0].article;
simply.body(message); // display the message on the watch

Thanks a lot !

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That would be:

data.results.collection1[data.results.collection1.length - 1].article


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