I want to build the toolchain for iphone on the snow leopard.I search on google and the answer is always for leopard.I replant it on snow leopard but there are some error.I can't build it.Does somebody had build it?

  • .... What? Why don't you just download the iPhone SDK for Snow Leopard? You don't need to build the toolchain... what are you talking about? – Jasarien Mar 18 '10 at 16:01
  • To build something like mobilesubstrate plugins – overboming May 13 '10 at 14:51

If you want to try develop iPhone apps w/out certificate, just install iPhone SDK and follow this: http://iphonesdkdev.blogspot.com/2009/06/use-xcode-312-to-build-sdk-30-app-to-30.html

  • The URL is unavailable. – new soul Mar 30 '10 at 7:39
  • Snow leopard is impossibility at least I know. – new soul Sep 14 '10 at 16:00

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