I am looking to combine two parse queries into one which satisfies an 'OR' condition. How do I achieve this? The docs say that I need a list of parse queries but I am not very sure how to do that ? Here is my code :

ParseQuery<ParseUser> numberQuery = ParseUser.getQuery();
        numberQuery.whereNotEqualTo("objectId", currentUser.getObjectId());
        numberQuery.whereContainedIn("phoneNumber", values);
        ParseQuery<ParseUser> emailQuery = ParseUser.getQuery();
        emailQuery.whereNotEqualTo("objectId", currentUser.getObjectId());
        numberQuery.whereContainedIn("email", values);
        ParseQuery<ParseUser> superQuery = ParseUser.getQuery();

How do I complete this query and get the 'OR' of the two in superquery ? Thanks

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Okay I figured it out myself. To create a list you use

    List<ParseQuery<ParseUser>> queries = new ArrayList<ParseQuery<ParseUser>>();

and then


and so on. And then you use

ParseQuery<ParseUser> superQuery = ParseUser.getQuery();

to get the final combined query.

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