I'm switching from Windows Forms to WPF, but WPF's GUI is really ugly. It looks like Windows 95 or something like that.


  • Left is a new WPF project
  • Right is a new Windows Forms project

Both only have a button and textbox added to the project, no other changes.


As you can see, WPF doesn't have the "native Windows GUI". I know that I can use themes, but I just want the native Windows GUI. Isn't there any setting to do this without themes? I've found this but I didn't change anything in the project except for the button and the textbox and it still doesn't look native.

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See this workaround. there's some button styles there to make the buttons look more similar to the native ones. Other than that, see here the official statement from Microsoft that this difference is actually by design. They made intentional changes to the themes to make them more lightweight by removing gradients and such.

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    That just makes no sense. Why would it work in XP, Vista, 7 but not 8? It really looks ugly compared to the rest of Windows. I guess that if I use the theme the native look for XP and Vista will be gone also? Better stay with Windows Forms then. Thanks. Jul 12, 2014 at 23:31
  • Agreed - this is nuts. I want to host a WPF usercontrol inside a Visual Studio Package property page (using the ElementHost control) and have the look and feel look just like the standard property pages, but I can't do this - even this work around doesn't reskin controls like the ComboBox. Surely if this is by design, then a fully working stylesheet could be provided for scenarios where seamlessly hosting WPF in Winforms is needed?
    – Kram
    Aug 16, 2014 at 21:49

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