I am new to Android programming. I am writing an application to download files of a specific MIME type from the Google Drive using the Google Drive Android API. Is this possible? I'm looking for code snippets or links.


Have a read through the Android API's documentation on queries.

Query query = new Query.Builder().addFilter(
    Filters.eq(SearchableField.MIME_TYPE, "text/plain"));

Thanks for answering the question @Dan, but i solved this a week ago using a little bit different approach from yours

Files.List request = mService.files().list()
                                .setQ("mimeType contains 'application/' ");

                        FileList files = request.execute(); 

in the place of application we can put imagess ,videos etc or any mime type application/ downloads all the application files if you want more specific type of file then use 'application/vnd.android.package-archive' for apk files etc.

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